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About Me

I provide technology training and curriculum design for student-centred learning.

I’ve been teaching web technology and data management to beginners since 2009 under the moniker Robobunnyattack!

I believe that with the right approach, anyone can learn anything.

My approach is to guide students towards an intuitive understanding of core concepts, so they can learn more quickly and with more confidence.

If you need help, contact me.

Kathleen Farley

Kathleen Farley

Enthusiastic and energetic teacher and learner with complementary nonprofit sector, education and music industry experience. Interested in projects that promote creative collaboration and information sharing.


Computer hardware and software fundamentals, Internet history and architecture, Apple hardware and software, LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org, Google Drive applications, presentation software alternatives, data management fundamentals, HTML/CSS, content management systems (e.g. WordPress, Drupal), DIY usability testing, and basic web server administration/security.

Especially good at:

Designing and implementing practical, low-cost/no-cost information management solutions. Coaching beginners on how to create and manage content using free and open-source tools. Coordinating and promoting projects. Facilitating learning opportunities. Being enthusiastic.

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Current Work



I teach technology-related courses to over 11,000 students through Udemy, the world’s largest destination for on-demand, online courses from real-world experts:

Web Design & Website Development

Data Management & Spreadsheets

Prices include unlimited, lifetime access and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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Harris Institute

Harris Institute

I teach technology subjects to future rock stars at Harris Institute, an internationally recognized leader in post-secondary audio production and music industry education. I also serve as the school’s Digital Director.

I currently teach the following courses:

  • AMP1/APP1 Digital Culture
  • AMP2/APP3 Web Development 1
  • AMP3 Web Development 2
  • AMP3 Data Management
  • AMP3 The Leader Lab (with Anne-Marie Smith)


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Robobunnyattack! on YouTube


I regularly post technology training videos on my YouTube channel. Topics include HTML/CSS, WordPress, Drupal, web hosting administration, spreadsheets, and data management.

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While I'm happy to discuss your training needs, please note I'm not accepting web development jobs at this time. For WordPress support I recommend WP Curve, and for web hosting I recommend A Small Orange. —Kathleen.