Hi! My name is Kathleen Farley, and I’ve been teaching web technology and data management to beginners since 2009 under the name Robobunnyattack!

My goal is to help you learn exactly what YOU need to know. Understanding which pieces of the puzzle you’re missing is usually the hardest part. I’ll help you understand the bigger picture, so you can learn more quickly and with more confidence.

My background

Kathleen Farley
Kathleen Farley, aka Robobunnyattack!

I’m a computer geek, learner, teacher, vinyl junkie, hockey fan, and recovering non-profit executive. Occasionally I break (and fix) computers. Not necessarily in that order.

I was born in Montreal, Canada and trained as an audio engineer before moving to Hamilton in 2007. I now run Maisonneuve Music, a small independent record label.

I’m currently a bestselling online web technology course author with over 13,000 students and subscribers. I also serve on the faculty at Harris Institute, a private music industry school in Toronto.

Along with my partner Michael Chambers, I’m a co-founder of Audiohackr, a startup that helps indie musicians, producers and DIY labels make the most of technology.

Technology subjects

The topics I teach include:

  • WordPress
  • website design and management
  • HTML & CSS
  • personal web security
  • password management
  • computer backup and file management
  • building an online presence for your business or brand
  • website usability
  • computer hardware
  • domain names and website hosting
  • WordPress security
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • computer software
  • spreadsheets and data management
  • coding and intro-level game design for teens
  • website building tools
  • WordPress website backup and migration
  • …and much more!

Contact me to discuss your computer and web technology training needs!

PS Why the name “Robobunnyattack”?

Robobunnyattack!It’s a long story. I picked it a long time ago when I was young and silly* and looking for a unique name to brand my videos. “Robobunnyattack” is a random word that suggests something that’s friendly, non-threatening, and a bit goofy, yet very methodical and HIGHLY effective. Which pretty well sums up the way I teach. (Also, the .com was available.)

*I’m still young at heart, and very silly.